SA Food
Kif Quisine – Boerekos in the Jungle

We have launched an experiment in edgy cuisine with Kif Quisine, typical South African meals, prepared and delivered to your home, in the Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica.

This is not where people are expecting Bobotie, Kerrie Vis or Malvapoeding!

The area has a strong expat community – mostly Americans, but with a fair contingent of Canadians and Europeans. We have even come across a few South Africans (Saffers) and the occasional Australian (Aussies). surfing is big, and many people are retired, or have opted out of the rat race.

The launching of South African food was quite nerve wracking as we were not sure how it would be received. One take sit for granted that people like what you like, but having lived in a few places it we have learned that it isn’t so. To our surprise we have received rave reviews. The combination of fresh ingredients only (no preservatives) and the wholesome, home cooked aspects of our meals, have made us many loyal customers.

Our next project is to create a few of the harder to find items like boerewors and biltong.


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